Calling all shoppers

Asda Dyce have chosen Dyce Boys Club as one of their Community projects.
All shoppers at Asda receive plastic tokens at the end of their shopping and before exiting the store
are asked to deposit these tokens in one of three Community Project Boxes. All projects benefit but
the more tokens deposited in our box will benefit the Boys Club so could we ask all shoppers to
ensure their tokens go to the box marked Dyce Boys Club
Shoppers at other Asda stores can collect the tokens and give them to the respective team manager/coach
who will make sure they are deposited at Dyce if they are the same as the Dyce ones which are green plastic
about the size of a 10p.
Thanking  you for your support with this and please shop at Asda!

Goals Galore

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The players of Dyce Boys Club will take part in our annual fundraising event with this year being goals galore.

Every age group will play football for an hour and all the goals will be added to give the grand total which all parents, grandparents, friends and basically anyone who fancies giving it a go will try and predict and win a prize for the closest guess!

The event will take place at various dates and venues in the first week of March so be sure to keep an eye out for the boys coming your way with their sponsorship forms and help support the boys club and maybe win in the process.

A helpful hint we have 8 age groups to all take place but sorry I cant give anymore help than that!